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What does this mean? With no club or team affiliations, we open our doors to practitioners from any school and of any art with no judgments or biases.

Our Goal

Our goal is to offer an environment where we can simply share knowledge and positively influence students' lives.

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Why STUDIO 540?

Self Defense

At Studio540 you will learn to recognize any danger, escape or avoid it if possible, and defend yourself when necessary.

Self Confidence

At Studio540 you will build upon your true potential and abilities through diligent training, making you a more confident person.

Feel Better

At Studio540 you will become healthier, both physically and mentally.

Time Commitment

At Studio540 taking just two 45-minute classes will result in tremendous results.


At Studio540 we recognize that families don’t have the time they once did to spend together, so we offer classes for the whole family to train together, regardless of age.

Earn Rank

At Studio540 all ranks are earned, not given. Each student is graded by his/her own skills and abilities and not compared to other students skills or abilities.

Pace yourself

All Studio540 classes allow you to train at your own pace.

Quality Instruction

At Studio540 we have instructors with over 30 years of experience in Martial Arts.

No contracts

At Studio540 we offer month to month rates with no contracts or long term commitments.

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